GMAT Score: 780 (Q51,V46) + 25 minutes left on Quant + 40 minutes left on Verbal....Wow! | The GMAT Pill Study Method
I do have to note that although Kelvin watched GMAT Pill while playing video games, you should NOT do the same. Of course, everybodys learning style is different so do what suits you best. But for the vast majority of people, youll need to actually budget time with no distractions so that you can na...
  • gmat score: 780 (q51,v46) + 25 minutes left on quant + 40 minutes left on!
Official Guide to GMAT 2016 vs OG2015 What are the new questions?
New Official Guide to GMAT 2015 (14th edition) July 8, 2014
Critical Reasoning What Does It Test? Useful Tips
New GMAT: Integrated Reasoning
Indian MBA Candidate Improves from V30 to V40 Credits RC Pill
Scoring Scale for the New GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section Key Takeaways

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